Carole Fitzpatrick is a counsellor with a single aim in life. To release the extraordinary power and ability of every individual she meets. Carole engages her counselling skills, bio energy therapy techniques and her intuition with each client in her sessions.

Carole has a H.Dip Counselling from an accredited course in Humanistic Counselling from University College Cork in 1998, she initially trained as a counsellor in house with the Galway Rape Crisis Centre in 1992 when she began working with clients in a one to one and group setting.

Experienced, qualified and fully insured, Carole has worked extensively with clients;

  • Healing from the trauma of rape, incest and childhood sexual abuse;
  • Recovering from Addictions;
  • Relationships issues;
  • Employment issues; developing assertiveness and self esteem to help when dealing with difficult dynamics like bullying at work ; getting back to work after a break due to illness;
  • Coaching individuals through jobs changes, career changes;
  • Detoxing stress;
  • Recovering from serious illness;
  • Navigating through changes and transitions in life, helping to process fears and blocks;
  • Support and healing at the end of life.

Counselling is a talking therapy which is provided in a safe and supportive environment to explore problems and difficulties you are experiencing.  The aim of counselling is to provide an opportunity for you to work towards living in a more resourceful and healthier way. Counselling can be great support in times of crisis or change.  Counselling is non directive and non judgmental, Empowering you in your decision making and relationships.


Energy Medicine encompasses quite a broad range of approaches for healing that centre around the human energy system, including the science of intuition.  Bio Energy Therapy is a gentle, non invasive treatment, based on an ancient Eastern form of healing which taps into the body’s energy system/aura known as the chakra system. The chakra model allows energy therapists an easy way to understand and work with the energy field…. By detoxing and clearing an energetic block, the body will start to heal itself. An Energetic block is emotional energy which is created by internal and external experiences. These experiences can be both positive and negative, fleeting or long –lasting. They may relate to a past or present relationship, traumatic experiences and memories, belief patterns and attitudes, including spiritual and superstitious beliefs.

Energy therapy acknowledges that negative life experiences create emotions such as anger, fear, stress, resentment, guilt and sadness and that these emotions become trapped in specific areas of the physical body. Your emotions interact with your physical body; with your cells and tissues. Your Biography Becomes Your Biology.

The skill of interpreting the language of human energy. Contrary to popular belief that strong intuitive abilities are a gift, intuition is a learned skill that is based primarily on fully developed self-esteem.