Working Consciously with Companies

    Working consciously with Companies;

What would it mean to your company if every single person worked to their maximum capabilities?

Carole brings her awareness and caring and conscientious approach to any ambitious organisation that understands that the health and happiness of its people is crucial, not just to the longevity of the company, but to its bottom line.

 Executive Stress Detox;  Authentic Wellness for Employees;  

 Team building facilitation; Investigation Interviewing.


Executive Stress Detox

This involves having regular sessions, 1-2 hours long where Carole uses energy techniques to scan  the body for stress, then detoxes stress in the different areas while using her awareness and counselling skills to consciously bring to the surface any fears, lack of passion, overwhelm, resistance, lack of confidence, grief, communication blocks, blocks in vision or ability to implement plans and helping leaders to have the ability to keep the overall goals and values of the company while they engage in the day today business of the company.

Methodology and Process

  • Engage
  • Begin the ESQ Diagnostic System analysis
  • Create a full Diagnostic Profile
  • Remove immediate obstacles
  • Interrupt or build entrenched behaviours
  • Develop a full schedule of strategies for success
  • Maintain clinical records and provide verbal or written reports

Becoming aware of what you are holding energetically and physically and developing the confidence and ability to access your inner wisdom can greatly influence your ability to be a confident and intuitive leader in business and life.  Carole will support you with this process on an ongoing basis. Theses sessions are 125euro per hour.  Contact: or 0879814945

 Carole has a number of clients who are CEOs, Senior and Middle Management, seeing them regularly in a one to one setting; on site or at a therapy room in Dublin 2.  Stress can be physically, emotionally and mentally debilitating.    If stress is negatively impacting your life it can make you irritable, unhappy, unhealthy and can affect your work effectively and also can impact your relationships with loved ones and work colleagues.


Authentic Wellness Program for Employees

Authentic wellness program is there for employees when times get tough.  Divorce, financial crisis, job-related stress, illness?  It can are designed to help employees who are experiencing stress due to a divorce, death, finances, or addiction. Dwelling on problems does not help.

A Program can be designed to help them get their lives back on track. A short-term one to one, goal oriented therapy will assist the employees through whatever crisis they are facing in a confidential manner.  A solution to a problem can help the employee regain a sense of control in a crisis, gain skills to help them work through it and build on coping skills for future issues.

Carole’s extensive background in facilitating lasting freedom from depression, trauma, abuse, addiction, post-medical recovery, marital difficulties and child-parent conflicts, combined with her gentle approach and confident ability allows her to fully engage with everyone she supports.  Her experience of over 20 years allows Carole to fully empathise whilst retaining an objective and realistic approach to treatment and therapy.

Carole’s methodology is proven in consistent results with new levels of confidence and an inordinate amount of joy as people find their path out of the troubles in both their personal and working lives.  Please contact Carole at to discuss how she can contribute to leading your team to success and happiness.

Carole has experience working with employees off work due to psychological stress and she has helped her clients develop coping mechanisms to get back to working full time without long absences or reach an amicable agreement to move from the company without a court case. Finding solutions to suit both employers and employees.

Everyone faces a crisis at some point in their life. If an employee has someone they can turn to confidentially, then they will be able to deal with their problems and resume their lives. Crisis doesn’t mean that life has to stop, just readjust.


Facilitating Team building sessions; Managing Changes in Company culture/procedures or structure

Team building involves creating a safe space to build trust within the team and look at the roles and dynamics that each person takes on at work.  The aim of this work is to bring movement where there is an impasse and bring awareness to the roles we each play and the impact we have on one another as we work.  We will look at Archetypal roles we unconsciously act out of at work,  together we will look at the positive attributes and the negative ones within each role, how the roles can be interchangeable and moved around.  This work will help  a team when stuck or just stale from lack of dynamism.

When your company is going through big or small changes you may find the changes stir up many emotions, not just your own resistance but those of your colleagues and staff.  Adapting to changes whilst holding on to your team can be a crucial factor in your company’s future.  Some emotions are overt and may be difficult to hear but are manageable, however there also some people that have their true feelings hidden and although they are not voicing them directly you can feel an undercurrent which can be disempowering you and making obstacles in the process.  This is normal as not everyone can adapt to changes easily, there is a comfort in familiarity and routine and knowing what to expect.

Carole can facilitate and help with changes and restructuring; exploring and processing the dynamics of change and its impact on the company, its executives  and employees.   Removing the emotional obstacles will make achieving the goals and targets easier. Carole can see people on a one to one basis or in a group setting.



Company Investigator and Auditor

It can be very tough  when you discover an employee has seriously breached company policy, even at middle management level or senior management level. Apart from the disappointment and hurt felt from the breach of trust, it is a process that has to be managed very sensitively. There can be a threat to staff cohesion, a possibility of a fallout among employees during the process and after the outcome has been reached.  Staff members may be afraid to give witness statements, they may be fearful of losing their job or they may fear the alleged offender.

Carole has experience of auditing company policies and procedures when working alongside directors. Interviewing a member of senior management accused of seriously breaching employment policies, writing up statements and reports on findings.  Carole has interviewed confidentially on very sensitive cases and delivered challenging outcomes.

You need someone who has a professional manner, who works with integrity and also has great empathy. It is advantageous to have someone who is not part of the company alongside the Director(s) when interviewing all parties involved. It is important when interviewing to be empathetic whilst being able to challenge effectively with respect.